Sewanee’s culture of excellence leads students to discover their potential, in and out of the classroom. During their four years here, Sewanee students explore multiple directions, wear a variety of hats, and cross disciplinary boundaries to shape identities for themselves; they are vibrant members of our shared community.

Come discover what you can do—and what you can discover about yourself along the way. The staff members in the Office of Student Life are ready to help you on your adventure!

Live At Sewanee, it’s not just where you live but how you live. Over 95% of undergrads live in our residential communities, from larger halls to tightly knit houses, and we share one “dining room”. Living in community means accepting responsibilities and living honorably. (New students can learn about life at Sewanee here.) Click “Live” for more, or check these sites: HallsDiningWomen's CenterSustainabilitySafetyHonor  • Coffee HouseCar & Bike RegistrationSewanee Union Theatre (SUT)

Explore With 13,000 acres, you might never walk the same path twice as you explore the Domain! The Sewanee Outing Program (SOP) leads trips, trains students in outdoor skills, and loans equipment. Faculty & staff can join in; you might find yourself cycling with a prof! The SOP also offers PRE-Orientation to help students get to know Sewanee! Click “Explore” to learn more, or see these SOP highlights: PicsTripsWeekly OutingsCyclingCavingClimbingStudent Leaders

Support Life at Sewanee is great . . . except when it isn’t. You may find you need support for one reason or another; you might feel sick, or you might need someone to talk to. Maybe classes are giving you trouble or you want help addressing a learning difference. Or you might feel discriminated against or want a “safe space.” Click “Support” for resources, or click directly: HealthCounselingAcademicDisabilityDiscriminationSafe SpaceClass AttendanceFaculty Advising Resources

Serve Sewanee students know how meaningful it is to serve others and you will be able to volunteer with a host of organizations in the community. You could build houses, tutor children, feed the hungry, or serve in other ways on the plateau, across the U.S., and around the world—stretching yourself and gaining experience along the way. Visit the Outreach Office or click “Serve” or these sites to learn how you can help: Service OrgsService Internships • Outreach trips Community Engagement House • Community Engagement Courses 

Engage Be engaged--don't just “join” but participate fully! Students lead more than 100 organizations, including Greek-letter social groups and clubs that reflect our multicultural campus. You can develop as a leader and pursue a position in student government. And students engage on an individual level; the Career and Leadership staff promote internships and other ways to discover your passion. Click “Engage” or visit Student ActivitiesStudent GovernmentLeadershipMulticulturalGreeksResearch & InternshipsSophomores • Career & Leadership Development 

Believe Your years at Sewanee offer time to reflect on what you believe. The University seeks to support all students’ spiritual journeys, whatever their faith orientation; the staff of All Saints’ Chapel offers programs to help students with spiritual reflections, such as the Lilly program and the Catechumenate gatherings. Click “Believe” to discover more, or visit these links: All Saints'  • Services • Lilly Summer Discernment Institute Faith Communities • WeddingsLessons & Carols

Seek Balance Sewanee

Seek Balance Sewanee We must all balance our social, emotional, physical, occupational, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions. Certainly each of us will have a different sense of what that balance is—but we benefit from balance in those areas of our life, and the University has resources to help you find your balance. Click “Seek Balance Sewanee” to learn more; for information about encouraging healthier choices concerning alcohol, visit "Think First."

Ask for consent - respect the answer - honor each other

     (Title IX)

Ask-Respect-Honor Committed to a community marked by honor and respect for all, as evidenced by healthy interpersonal relationships, the University firmly upholds the principles of Title IX and does not tolerate any form of sexual discrimination, including any form of sexual misconduct. Students and University personnel with knowledge of any such incidents are asked to report them promptly. Click “Ask-Respect-Honor” for full information about Sewanee's policies and practices, or see these sites: University Policy on Sexual MisconductReporting sexual misconductTitle IX



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