Wedding Information

Who may be married in All Saints' Chapel?

All Saints' Chapel is available for marriage ceremonies when one of the persons to be married is:

a)  a student currently enrolled full-time in the University, or
b)  a current member of the staff or faculty, or one of the University's governing boards, or
c)  a year-round resident of the Sewanee Community, or
d)  the direct offspring (i.e., son or daughter) of one of the above, or
e)  a graduate with a degree from either the College or The School of Theology.

All Saints' Chapel and St. Augustine's Wedding Information


Forms due six weeks before your wedding

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If you meet the criteria and would like to schedule your ceremony, please contact us by calling 931.598.3559 or by mail at:

All Saints’ Chapel
735 University Ave.
Sewanee, TN 37383-1000