Behold how good it is…

Consistently, students, alumni, families, and visitors rave about the friendliness of our campus. Parents who have attended Orientation at other colleges and then come here describe a night-and-day scenario: people at Sewanee go out of their way to be friendly. We say “Hi” as we pass people. We hold doors open for others. And when a visitor asks for directions, we’re more likely to walk them to their destination than just wave vaguely.

The survey of parents (see the first chart below from the 2013 parent survey) who participated in Orientation only confirms that we’re good at being friendly. 91% of respondents rated “friendliness of the campus” as “excellent,” and the other 9% rated it as “good.” That means 100% of respondents had a positive experience! That can only happen on a campus where everyone values hospitality.

Being friendly is just part of the Sewanee Experience. It’s one way we EQB.

First-year students are also more satisfied with the academic offerings and their courses this year than in previous years.  Special thanks to the Registrar, the Provost and academic deans, departmental chairs, and faculty for making this year’s registration process and available courses a success. (Chart below is from the 2013 orientation student survey.)

Thank you for all that you do to fulfill our mission of
"behold how good it is to live together in unity."