What new students say about themselves

Anyone can visit the web page of questions that are asked of our first-year students.  Some of it is mundane, but other questions allow for some creativity that reveal interesting facets of personality.  

Some of my favorite responses are:

"I need a roommate that can put up with my ever-changing moods."

"I would really like a tolerant/lighthearted roommate considering I was voted Most Awkward as my senior superlative..."

"I am very down to earth, and open minded.  I also believe strongly in horoscopes and star sign compatibility, therefore I don't usually mix well with other Aries."

From a male student, "I would prefer my roommate to be female, but I know that probably won't happen.  But I can dream right?"

"I have trouble waking up.  A roommate that wold wake me up in time for class would be nice, just like my mom, in a soothing voice..."

This is always an exciting time of year.

Eric Hartman, Dean of Students