Students: The University requires all first-year students prior to matriculation to participate in an online training on alcohol use, abuse, and sexual misconduct. The online program specifically includes a module on sexual misconduct and key definitions, including consent. Residence life staff, namely Proctors and Assistant Proctors, also receive training on University policy, appropriate response to sexual misconduct, mandatory reporting, and bystander intervention. Other students who receive training on sexual misconduct include Greek leaders, the Women’s Center residents, the Sewanee Wellness Action Group, and members of the Title IX Committee. 

Employees: Faculty and staff with routine relationships and access to students are required to report any concerns or direct information related to an allegation of sexual misconduct. Faculty and staff are instructed annually of their requirement to report incidents and provided instructions on how and to whom to report.

Individuals Responsible for Policy, Investigations, and Hearings: Training is provided for all members of the conduct board, a board of University employees responsible for hearing formal complaints.

Title IX Summit: Over the summer, the University dedicates an entire day to engaging all employees involved in Title IX for the purposes of evaluating the University's sexual misconduct response and our compliance with Title IX. Participants provided meaningful feedback and insights to assist the University in continually improving our policy and response.