“SO” what? The Sophomore Experience

So now you're a sophomore!

So what does that mean? It means that this is a year of new opportunities and exciting changes—a time to stretch your possibilities, stretch your mind, stretch your boundaries, stretch your legs! It’s a year to accept new challenges, explore your spirit, have new adventures, and embrace old traditions. It’s a year to seek more of Sewanee and the Sewanee experience as you continue to discern “Who am I? “What are my gifts?” and “What is my place in the world?”

The Sophomore Year Council (SYC) assists sophomores during what is often a year of transitions. The group directly addresses the "sophomore slump" by promoting activities that build class unity and supporting individuals as they move toward declaring a major. Members of the SYC take a leadership role in planning the programs, and they are also challenged to grow as leaders more broadly.

The sophomore program has been designed to address and promote the following:

CHOOSING A MAJOR - Every student in the college is required to choose a major during the Easter Semester of their Sophomore Year. The Career and Leadership Development Office offers excellent advice on helping students make that choice. The Major Declaration party in the Easter term allows Sophomores to meet other students who recently declared the same major and faculty in the department!

CELEBRATING STRENGTHS - It is important that Sophomores become familiar with the Office of Career and Leadership Development so that they begin to understand the many services that this office provides to Sewanee students. The Office of C&LD offers "StrengthsQuest," a program that can help students consider their interests and abilities.The office also helps with networking opportunities, exploring internships, and choosing a career path. Learn more about Career and Leadership Development here.

PROMOTING CLASS COMMUNITY - Students love to be social and providing special "sophomore events" has proven a great way to promote class unity!  We have class parties, "sophomore days" at athletic events, and an annual Sophomore Dinner.

DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP - As an institution, Sewanee believes that it is educating the leaders of tomorrow.  The SYE attempts to introduce students to leadership opportunities through the AP program, the Sophomore Class Council, the Lilly Program and others.