Student Organizations


Please contact Kate Stucke (, Student Activities Coordinator, with any questions.


With over 75 student organizations, 20+ Greek organizations, hundreds of leadership opportunities, a variety of club sports and over 20 varsity sports programs in addition to PE courses and an intramural program — students have many opportunities to engage, to learn and to lead.

Student Government
Academic, Pre-Professional, and Honor Societies 
Community Service Organizations
Spiritual/Religious Organizations
Arts, Films, & Music
Special Interest Organizations
Club Sports and Recreation
Emergency Services

Student Government

The Order of Gownsmen (OG) was established in 1873 and is a society of Sewanee students recognized for their academic distinction. The OG advises the Student Assembly and maintains and promotes the spirit, tradition, and ideals of the University.    
President: Alec Hill, C'16
Faculty Advisor: Bill Engel, English

The Student Government Association (SGA) consists of an elected Student Senate, an elected President, and five appointed non-voting members. The Student Senate is made up of five Senators for each class, each elected by their peers in the spring semester. SGA's non-voting members are distinguished leaders from important areas of student life, such as Residential Life's Head Proctor, an IFC/ISC representative, etc. Working together, the individual members of Sewanee's SGA share the common goal of a more unified, engaged, and motivated Sewanee community.
President: Jewlz Davis, C'16
Faculty Advisor: John Swallow, Provost

The Interfraternity and Intersorority Council (IFC/ISC) governs Sewanee’s Greek organizations. This organization consists of eight upstanding members of the community and Greek Life. IFC/ISC serves as a resource to current chapter leaders and members and actively represents their needs. It is a liaison between current Greek students and Greek graduates which make up the largest demographic of Sewanee alumni. These student leaders are frequently engage in long-range planning with the Alumni Greek Council (AGC) throughout the school year. IFC/ISC seeks to increase public knowledge of positive fraternal attributes and qualities through community engagement, extracurricular involvement, and academic endeavors.

The Activities Funding Committee (AFC) consists of four members of varying class year elected by the Student Government. These individuals are widely involved on campus and must make astute decisions regarding budget and finances. With the help of the Dean of Student Organizations and the Student Activities Coordinator, they organize and distribute funding among all 100+ student organizations around campus.
Advisor: Kate Stucke

the Board. A dozen students serve as active members of the Board. which seeks to engage the student community in a wide array of entertainment free of charge. The members of the Board. plan a variety of student activities including concerts, parties, and off-campus trips. Click the link for more info!
Advisor: Kate Stucke


The Mountain Goat is dedicated to providing a creative and artistic outlet in the form of a literary magazine, published once a semester.

The Sewanee Purple is a bimonthly newspaper run by University students that covers events, provides a forum for student opinion and debate, and serves as an outlet for photographers, writers, artists, and all those interested in any aspect of newspaper production.   
President: Alysse Schultheis
Faculty Advisor
: Virginia Craighill, English


Academic, Pre-Professional, and Honor Societies

Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) is the Sewanee chapter of a national leadership honor society for college students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni.

Advisor: Kim Heitzenrater

The Pre-Business Society hosts several dinner engagements per semester with notable speakers commenting on the economics of their business and pressing issues that affect their field. The society aims to inform students about prospective careers and provide networking opportunities with those in the industry.

Spiritual/Religious Organizations

Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) is a nondenominational ministry on campus that is open to any and everyone in the Sewanee community providing weekly meetings with worship and guest speakers, men's and women's bible studies, as well as hosting events throughout the semester from corn-hole tournaments to our annual Super Bowl Party!!

The Sewanee Catholic Community provides for the discussion of faith and related issues, provides community service, and offers Roman Catholic Mass and other services for the purposes of worship. There are currently no Roman Catholic Mass services in Sewanee, but there is a weekly van service providing transportation to the 10:30 a.m. service at Good Shepherd Church in Decherd, Tenn.

The purpose of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) is to increase awareness about Islam in the community, hold seminars and lectures about Islam, and have session prayers, including Juamu (Friday prayer).

Presbyterian Campus Ministry is open to students from any religious creed and meets for dinner, Bible study, Christian worship and fellowship as well as service through the Outreach office.

Community Engagement and Outreach

Alpha Phi Omega (APO) National Service Fraternity has more than 17,000 male and female student members at 366 college campuses nationwide. Its mission is to prepare campus and community leaders through service. Its purpose is to develop leadership, to promote friendship and to provide service to humanity.The Alpha Eta Theta Chapter at Sewanee  was founded in 2012 and works with various service organizations in the area like Housing Sewanee and Animal Harbor. We have recruitment at the beginning of each semester and welcome interested students of any class year to join.

The mission of the Community Engagement House is to promote a seamless community among college and seminary students, faculty, and staff as well as residents of surrounding areas by hosting events open to all, facilitating networking, and providing a physical meeting place for organizations devoted to serving the community at large. The Community Engagement House is under the direction and guidance of the Outreach Office.

The Environmental Resident Program consists of students from every class year who serve as stewards of the environment in their residence halls and on campus. The ER's monitor recycling in their dorms and gain knowledge about environmental issues through Green Convene. The ER's also host sustainability-related programming on campus, including popular annual events like Pumpkins in the Park (community event), Sewanee Unplugged (dorm energy conservation competition), and the Green Pledge Dinner (for graduating seniors). The Environmental Residents Program is one of many components of Sustain Sewanee [link to], the University’s “green” initiative.

Food with Friends is a student organization that provides meals to needy
families in Franklin, Grundy and Marion counties. This organization promises not only
to provide food but also hospitality and to foster a community. Food with Friends accomplishes
these goals by preparing food that is received through donations, or purchased by the
organization and serving hot meals in a sit-down setting at various locations in the
three counties.

Sewanee STAND  is committed to social justice advocacy, awareness, and fundraising. In particular, our focus is on disarmament of the LRA and other rebel groups in Uganda, the DR Congo, South Sudan, and the Central African Republic, as well as the Darfur genocide and other acts that violate human rights.  Sewanee STAND has partnered with the national organizations Invisible Children, Save Darfur, Falling Whistles, and eXile International.

Arts, Films, & Music

Art Forum seeks to inform, educate, and stimulate the role of art in our community by bringing different speakers to campus and provide trips to nearby exhibits.

Sewanee Cadence and Cambiata provide an outlet for the development of individual voices through ensemble repertoire often drawing from madrigal traditions.

The Cinema Guild endeavors to bring first-rate foreign and classical American films free of charge to the Mountain and University community.

The Sewanee Pep Band provides musicians with an opportunity to better themselves in their own musical studies, and provide the University's athletic events with spirited, fun music.

Perpetual Motion is a dance club designed to give students an opportunity to perform and choreograph a wide range of dance styles for the Sewanee community.

Sewanee Praise is a gospel choir led by a music director that performs at several local churches throughout the semester in addition to holding a moving end of the year performance.

WUTS 91.3FM is the student-run radio station that provides music and educational programming, as well as news broadcasts and features, 24-hours a day during the school year. WUTS broadcasts at 200 watts of power, covering not only Sewanee but approximately a 20-mile area.

Club Sports and Recreation

The Canoe Team is a sports organization dedicated to teaching the sport of rowing and competing. The club focuses on developing pride, team unity and tradition.

Sewanee Contra Dancers hosts monthly traditional or techno dances that are free and open to students and the public. Guerry Garth courtyard is the home of Tennessee's first techno contra dance.

The Sewanee Crew Team, a club sport with a varsity mindset, has over 50 members. With a coach and experienced cabinet members, the Crew Team trains to compete against many college and universities in the southeast. This 2012 fall season, the team competed against over 85 universities. During this season Sewanee Crew outraced Texas, Duke, Vanderbilt, Georgia, Auburn, Clemson, LSU, Tennessee, Wake Forest, Alabama, Virginia Tech and a host Division I NCAA schools. Can you say BRING IT?!  

The Sewanee Cricket Club brings students, faculty and staff together to teach the game to those who do not know how to play and provide an outlet for those who do. Most of the students who get involved are international students, although there are American students  who have a curiosity in learning the game. Faculty who grew up playing the sport in countries like Australia, India and Great Britain, love teaching the game to new members. The sport has enjoyed an increase in popularity in the U.S., especially in metropolitan areas where there is an international population.
The SCC was established in 1993 and has practiced and played in Sewanee only. The 2012-13 membership has vowed to develop its skills and play someone outside the University by 2015. Huntsville, Alabama has a four team league and the SCC has contacted them about playing a match in the future.

CrossFit Sewanee is a high-intensity workout program that teaches students how to employ the Fowler Center weight room effectively and safely. It is a branch of the CrossFit global fitness regimen. The organization is not affiliated with University Athletics and is open to all students!

The Cycling Team provides amateur and competitive cyclists with the opportunity to race against other schools primarily in the Southeast.

Sewanee Disc Golf connects Sewanee students, faculty, and community members through the common hobby of disc golf. The organization strives to increase interest in the sport, as well as improve and increase the resources and facilities currently available for playing disc golf on campus. Recreation is the central focus of this society, followed by education and awareness.

The purpose of the Sewanee Fencing Society is to teach all interested people to enjoy the sport of fencing and to develop all fencers. The club provides a pool of competent teachers for the beginning level classes, so no previous experience necessary! The Fencing Society will accommodate Physical Education requirements.

In the Sewanee Mixed Martial Arts Club, students learn various self defense techniques and forms. Eventually, the group plans to participate in tournaments. Students of all skill levels are welcome to join this club. Previous experience is not required, but highly welcome.

The Paintball Club is designed to give students and faculty an opportunity to participate in a constructive and educational outdoor activity that develops teamwork in an interactive and fun environment.

The Sewanee Men's Rugby Club is one of the Universities most successful sport clubs, winning the Southeast Division 3 championship in 2005, 2006, 2010, 2011, and a Southeast Division 2 championship in 2012. Aside from its accomplishments, the club is very active in promoting the 2nd most popular sport in the world by offering a warm welcome to all students who wish to learn more about rugby.

The Sewanee Shooting Club was chartered with the intent to become a competitive level team. Currently the Club and its members are still working to transform the club from a recreational group into a competitive team that can represent Sewanee at various shooting competitions across the South.

The purpose of the Sportsmen’s Club house is to provide a place for the University’s sportsmen to gather and enjoy a common passion for hunting, fishing and conservation among the rivers, fields, and forests of the Domain and the surrounding area.  The Sportsmen’s house provides a living space for 5 students who are interested in sharing their passion for hunting, fishing and wild places with other students and the greater Sewanee community. They share their passion for the outdoors by introducing others to the benefits of wildlife as both food and recreation.  They give back to wildlife by volunteering through Ducks Unlimited, as well as doing habitat management work on the Domain.

The Sewanee Table Tennis Club  is open to all members of the Sewanee community and seeks to foster team spirit and camaraderie through the promotion of table tennis.

The Tiger Girls is a sassy, exuberant dance team that performs during the halftimes of varsity basketball games. Tryouts are held every year and everyone is welcome!

Ultimate Frisbee is a group of men and women that meet several times a week to play.

Special Interest Organizations

The African American Alliance (AAA) is a student-run organization whose purpose is to promote the values of and to foster relationships between minority students, non-minority students, the campus, and the surrounding community. AAA sponsors programming that serves minority interests and provides opportunities for academic, spiritual, and leadership development of its members. Membership and programming of the African American Alliance is open to all students of the University.

The African and Caribbean Student Association (ACASA) promotes awareness and understanding about the diverse African and Caribbean cultures throughout the University of the South and to the greater Sewanee Community through educational and social events

The focus of the Asian Sensation is to enlighten the Sewanee community about the issues that exist for both Asian Americans and international students on campus and in the world. ln addition, AS endeavors to build unity within the group as a way to develop a safe community where leadership can be cultivated. The organization strives to be as inclusive as possible by collaborating with other existing groups like HOLA, OCCU, AAA, etc. Asian Sensation hopes to achieve multiple perspectives across many issues, whereby members of the organization can teach and learn from each other. Most of all, the organization hopes that its members will have a lasting, enjoyable experience during their time at Sewanee.

BACCHUS is an organization that encourages responsible drinking behavior within the campus community by providing safe rides on campus.

Beyond Sewanee is a current events club at the University of the South.  It is dedicated to bursting the "Sewanee Bubble" by discussing current events and raising global awareness on campus. Beyond Sewanee also invites teachers and speakers to the meetings for discourse on their subjects of expertise. This organization also sponsors other events that focus on bringing issues "Beyond Sewanee" to the mountain.

The Chess Club serves the entire community of the University of the South by promoting the interest in playing and improving in the game of chess through activities and club meetings. The Chess Club’s purpose is, moreover, to create a social atmosphere in which one can experience the game of chess in a fun, educational, and meaningful manner.

College Democrats provides an avenue to participate in and contribute to the political discourse in Sewanee as well as the larger community.

The Sewanee College Republicans encourages students to participate in local, state, and national political campaigns in addition to networking with the Republican Party. In the fall of 2012, Sewanee sent six students to campaign for Romney in Ohio. In addition, students of the club have gone on to complete summer internships and full-time jobs with Republican senators and governors. College Republicans also emphasizes the importance of our military and veterans. College Republican's biggest annual event is the 9/11 memorial, for which students, faculty, and community members gather in the Quad to put 3,000 American flags and remember lives lost. Finally, the organization allows students to develop leadership skills by serving on the cabinet while enjoying the company of fellow Republicans on campus.

The purpose of the Sewanee Computing Society is to bring together individuals interested in Electronic Computing at the University of the South so that they may discuss, learn, and better understanding computation and computing devices.

Ducks Unlimited conserves, restores, and manages wetlands and associated habitats for North America's waterfowl.

The purpose of Earthkeepers is to gather people together in a common place to discuss and reflect upon the natural world and the place of the individual within it. Earthkeepers is completely ecumenical in nature and open to everyone interested in exploring the interface between nature and spirituality. The work of luminaries such as Wendell Berry, Joanna Macy, and Thomas Merton is fodder to spark conversation and engage personal feelings. Earthkeepers is centered around biweekly dinner discussions, monthly outdoor encounters, and gardening and canning volunteer days at St. Mary’s.

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) provides a setting for confidential and frank discussion concerning human sexuality. Its goal is to dispel stereotypes about sexual orientation by building community and providing education.

The GreenHouse is an intentional community of 11 students focused on sustainable & creative living and being infectiously joyful. We organize educational events and practice sustainable living by raising chickens and a small garden. The GreenHouse is one of many components of Sustain Sewanee [link to], the University’s “green” initiative.

The Guild of Humanists is an informal discussion group that meets to talk about all sorts of things, including movies, television, literature, and current events, so everything from Shakespeare to Star Trek!

The mission of the Hispanic Organization for Latino Awareness (H.O.L.A.) is to celebrate the heritage of the Hispanic culture. By organizing different activities, HOLA exposes the Sewanee community to events that enrich the intellectual and social arena of the student body. In addition, the organization's goal is to start a dialogue that discusses different life experiences that positively and negatively affect the Latino/Latina community in the United States.

The Investment Club is organized to foster understanding of the role of investment management. The organization provides opportunities for students to exhibit knowledge and skills to employers, while encouraging and facilitating the development of relationships among Sewanee students and investment management companies. To achieve these objectives, the club hosts informational
meetings, sponsors guest speakers, and encourages students to get involved with investment management projects with companies.

The purpose of JapanAddicts is to gather and use “out of the classroom” resources
is to foster a greater understanding of Japanese culture and society. While the club is open to all members of the university community, there is a special focus on relating club activities to the Japanese language classes with the intent of giving Japanese language students a cultural understanding of Japan beyond what can be conveyed in a classroom setting.

The Sewanee Medieval Society is dedicated to promoting interest about the Middle Ages and providing an outlet of intellectual discussion and creativity for its members. The organization’s intent is to promote an appreciation for and awareness of the history, literature, and culture of the medieval world.

Men Against Sexual Violence is a voluntary affiliate of the national organization, “Men Can Stop Rape,” and may choose to cooperate with its affiliates. The purpose of MASV shall be to raise awareness about sexual assault, especially among men, on the campus of the University of the South and the surrounding community.

Model UN strives to increase the awareness of the student body concerning current global issues and prepares its active members to represent the University at regional and national MUN conventions.

The Sewanee Natural History Society (SNHS) celebrates the natural world on and around the Sewanee Domain. An enthusiastic student-led society that is open to students, staff and faculty from all parts of the University, the SNHS hosts several outings and gatherings each semester.

The Organization for Cross-Cultural Understanding (OCCU) encourages all students to recognize, appreciate, and understand ethnic diversities on campus through social and educational activities. It also provides a forum for all students to share their cultural heritage. OCCU presents the interaction of these diverse cultures as a positive component of the liberal arts experience.

The Sewanee Peace Coalition is a student and community group that promotes peace as well as social justice-- a necessary condition for peace. The Sewanee Peace Coalition uses education and advocacy to support causes such as the movement to abolish the death penalty, movements against fossil fuel extraction, and solidarity with victims of violence in Latin America.

The Sewanee Young Democratic Socialists ("Sewanee YDS," for short) is the University of the South's campus chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America ( and its youth arm, the Young Democratic Socialists ( We believe that both the economy and society should be run democratically to meet human needs, not to make profits for a few.We fight for a world beyond capitalism, one where people are not controlled by unaccountable government or private bureaucracies but where democratic participation is the norm. We seek to unite labor, feminist, queer and trans, immigrant, anti-ableist, anti-racist, environmental, and student activists by critiquing the system that connects these struggles. On the Domain, we practice solidarity with like-minded groups and individuals and invite all who are interested to participate in ongoing campaigns and events.

The Russian Club hosts cultural events, such as Maslenitsa and Paskha, delicious dinners, movie nights, and discussions related to Russia and other Slavic countries. A knowledge of the Russian language is not required to be a member.

The Society of American Foresters (SAF) is a student-run club here on campus within the Department of Forestry and Geology.  As an SAF chapter we host events throughout the year from conclave practice (timbersports) to attending the annual Tennessee- Kentucky SAF Convention.  We also perform some community service events: cleaning local road medians, Arbor Day, etc. This club is open to any and everyone in the Sewanee community that wish to better the Domain as a whole.

The Student Members of the American Chemical Society (SMACS) share a love of science by leading local children and adults alike in fun, hands-on chemistry experiments and demonstrations.

Students Positively Organized Together (SPOT) is a club that organizes weekly substance-free events open to every student including pottery painting, tie-dying, board games, crafts, movies, dancing, and holiday parties.

Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature (TISL)— the University of the South Delegation advances and advocates excellence in legal and public service by: a) Upholding and promoting the integrity, ethics, and professionalism of the legislative and legal fields; and b) Promoting the understanding of the legislative and legal process of the State of Tennessee; and c) Providing students with relevant and competent experience in the legislative, legal, communications and public affairs fields. 

The Bairnwick Women's Center Executive Board is a student-led and -driven group that strives to promote awareness and understanding amongst the student body and greater community of  issues regarding social class, race, sex, and gender, with a specific focus on women's issues. The organization's programming provides a platform for the voice of Sewanee's student body, faculty, and community members through a series of Pinnacle Luncheons, writing workshops, group discussions, and special events (including the spring showcase, Sewanee Monologues). The Women's Center also invites guest lecturers with expertise in various academic, social, and artistic fields that relate and/or directly speak to the women and gender studies curriculum.

Emergency Services

The Sewanee Emergency Medical Service is composed of highly motivated students and community members who give back to Sewanee in a unique and rewarding way. SEMS is composed of fully licensed medical professionals as emergency medical technicians with IV therapy certification (EMT-IV). When a medical emergency arises in Sewanee or the surrounding area, SEMS is the ambulance service responsible for taking the call. Strokes, heart attacks, and motor vehicle crashes are just a few of the many types of medical emergencies that Sewanee EMS responds to in our community. To be considered for the service, all interested parties must successfully complete the EMT course offered at Sewanee and undergo a rigorous selection process.

The Sewanee Volunteer Fire Department is responsible for fire protection in Sewanee and the surrounding area. While any freshman interested can go through the fire classes during the second semester of their freshman year, only six students may be selected to serve due to a limited number of available spots and a minimum requirement for necessary technical skills and intellectual aptitude.