New Parents

On behalf of the Dean of Students, welcome to our Guide for New Parents.  We hope to ease the transition for parents and students as they prepare for their Sewanee experience.  Please explore the links for more details.

What Your Student Needs To Do:

  • Visit the Welcome New Students page and submit the appropriate information.  Your student will need to complete each form on or before the deadline, and we encourage submissions before the deadline!  Each form is essential in helping us to prepare for his/her arrival. It is important that you have your student fill out their form for themselves.
  • You might also want to visit the "Parents and Families" page for information about Family Weekend and other events.

IMPORTANT - If you're not quite ready to let go (you still have another month or two), then here's how you might help ease your transition:

  1. New students must have a physical examination and immunization records submitted by June 30.  Many students have had little responsibility for their health care.  We recommend that parents prepare students for navigating their own healthcare.  Help them make an appointment with your primary health provider asap and walk them through our Student Health Form.
  2. You can also help your student in understanding your health insurance coverage and how to submit health insurance information.
  3. Share your student's new mailing address with family and friends in order that they may mail encouraging notes and packages during the first semester. The address:  Your Student's Name, 735 University Avenue, Sewanee, TN 37383-1000.
  4. Explore our thoughts on the overall college experience and how to help your student better respond to stress.

Tasks New Parents CAN DO for Their Student:

  1. Tell Us About Your Son or Daughter - perhaps something they will not.
  2. Review information on PRE Orientation.  PRE is operated similar to a camp in that parents accompanying the participants will not be able to see them until PRE is over.  For this reason, we encourage parents to arrive on the Saturday following PRE in order to help their son or daughter completely move in to the dorms.
  3. Review What Students Should Bring (please keep in mind that students share, on average, a 10' x 12' space.
  4. Become familiar with Academic Matters.
  5. If applicable, read our Financial Aid Information.
  6. Have your son/daughter write the first tuition and fees check to the University.  It can be very awakening for a student to understand the costs and privileges associated with attending college.
  7. Talk to your student about responsible citizenship.  Cover topics like: peer pressure, making friends, alcohol use, time management, relationships, honesty, plagiarism and exercise.


Most parents have been framing students' choices for them and then allowing the student to make a final (but limited) decision. This is a good strategy for school-aged children, but your student will now need to both frame choices and make decisions. Sometimes, students will need a consultant to coach them through the early stages; listening and being available are good roles to fill. 

When you visit your daughter or son, try to make friends with other parents.  Many parents look forward to returning to the Mountain not only to visit their student but to also reconnect with their new parent friends. 

We wish you the best in this transition.