Room Selection

Room Selection Dates

Rising Seniors, Class of 2015
Monday, April 21 - Bishop's Common — Hearth Room

  • 5:00 pm Gownsmen
  • 7:00 pm Non-gownsmen

Rising Juniors, Class of 2016
Tuesday, April 22 - Bishop's Common — Hearth Room

  • 5:00 pm Gownsmen
  • 7:00 pm Non-gownsmen

Rising Sophomores, Class of 2017
Wednesday, April 23 - Bishop's Common — Hearth Room

  • 5:00 pm

Important Policies & Procedures

You must register for classes for Fall 2014 in order to participate in room selection. In order to register for classes, you must have cleared any outstanding financial balance on your student account. If you have a hold on your registration, please be sure to contact the Student Accounts office at ext. 1347 or email

How does room selection work?

Find a roommate

  • One of the important first steps of room draw is to find a roommate. Unless you are a senior, you cannot go through room draw without a roommate!
    • It is important that you take time to think about who your roommate for next year will be. By now you know your classmates a little better, so choose wisely. Talk to your potential roommate about expectations for living together; your study and sleeping habits, if you are messy or neat etc. Remember, your good friends don’t always make the best roommate.
  • If you do not have a roommate, you cannot sign into a double room.
    • Please fill out this form: Looking for a Roommate if you are not sure about who you would like to live with. 
    • Shortly after filling out the form, you will receive a link from Res Life with the list of others who have filled out the form.  You will then have the opportunity to review the list to see if there is anyone with whom you would be compatible.  
    • If you do not find a roommate by the end of room draw, you will be randomly assigned a room and roommate.

Lottery Number – what’s that?

Your lottery number is a computerized random number assigned to each student and it reflects your graduation year and gown status. Residential Life uses this number to determine the order in which students choose their rooms. Links to lottery numbers are posted at the bottom of this page.  There are also lists of lottery numbers posted on the bulletin board outside the Residential Life office in the Bishop's Common. The Office of Residential Life cannot change your class or gownsmen status.  If your class or gownsmen status is incorrect, you must contact the Registrar's Office by Friday, April 4.  If the Registrar's Office confirms that you are listed in the wrong class or gownsmen status, you should stop by the Office of Residential Life to get a new number; all lottery numbers will be reassigned by Friday, April 11. New numbers are generated randomly from lottery numbers assigned to student staff members (Proctors, EMTs, members of the fire team, etc.) who are assigned to specific housing and therefore do not need to go through the room lottery system.

How you use your lottery number?

Once you have picked your roommate, find out who has the lowest lottery number between the two of you. It is not wise to choose a roommate solely based on the person’s lottery number. You should go through room draw with the lowest number. Example, if your number is 129 and your roommate has 5; you should use your roommate’s number. However, if your number is gownsmen 129 and your roommates has non-gownsmen 5, then you should use your number.

Students Currently on Leave, Studying Abroad This Year or Studying Abroad Next Year

For students currently on leave from the university

  • Students currently reapplying for reinstatement, if approved, will be assigned a room and roommate over the summer.
  • Current enrolled students cannot select a roommate during room draw that has not been approved for reinstatement to the University.

For students currently studying abroad

  • Proxy: Please ask a trustworthy friend or classmate to serve as a Proxy for you in room selection. Your designated person will come to the BC Hearth Room on the appropriate day and choose a room on your behalf. You also need to let the Residential Life Office know who you have asked to be your proxy. Your proxy should come to Room Selection with a note or letter (can be an email) from you, giving that person permission to choose a room for you.  The note should include your full legal name and Banner ID number.
    • If you are the designated proxy/choosing a room for someone who is currently studying abroad, please proceed through room selection for that person using the lottery number of the person abroad.  You will also need to go through room selection for yourself based on your own lottery number.
  • Lottery Numbers for students currently studying abroad: You have been issued a lottery number and it is the responsibility of your proxy to find out your lottery number and to come to room selection at the appropriate time. The lottery numbers can be accessed from the links at the bottom of this page.

For students studying abroad next year

  • If you plan to study abroad in the Fall of  2014, you are not permitted to participate in the room selection process. Housing for you will be arranged in January 2015.
  • Students studying abroad in the Spring of 2015 do need to go through room draw as normal.

Upperclass Suites, Off-Campus Housing, Substance-Free Housing, Theme Housing, and Greek Housing

Upperclass Suites:  One senior may fill an entire suite in Quintard, Hodgson, St. Luke’s or Humphreys if they represent a group of seniors to fill the singles. All seniors planning to live in the suite must be present to sign into rooms or provide a note, addressed to Kate Reed, explaining their absence from room selection and the name of the person serving as the proxy.  All proxy notes must include your full legal name and Banner ID number.

Seniors may not sign underclassmen (Juniors and Sophomores) into a single room in a suite. If you do not have the correct number of seniors to fill all the single rooms in a suite, you cannot choose that particular suite. Seniors may sign underclassmen into a suite if there are double rooms in the suite. Example, some of the suites in Hodgson and Humphreys have both singles and doubles.

Off-campus Housing:  Applications for rising seniors interested in applying to be exempt from the University housing requirement during their senior year are currently available. The applications are due in the Office of Residential Life at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, March 24th. Late applications will not be accepted. Students currently on social probation are not eligible to live off campus and need not apply.

Substance-Free Housing:  Students living in substance-free agree not to possess or use alcohol, tobacco, smokeless tobacco or other illegal substances while on campus, regardless of the resident's age.  It is not just restricted to your room/suite.  Most commonly, the second floor in Quintard, one wing in McCrady and the first floor of St. Luke's have been set aside for substance-free living.  Designated buildings and floors used for substance-free housing is subject to change each year based on interest and space availibility.

  • Substance-free housing applications will be available Monday, March 24 and are due Tuesday, April 1, 2014.
  • Substance-free room selection will be held on Thursday, April 10 in the Bishops Common, Hearth Room at 5:00 pm. 
  • As with normal room draw, you must have a roommate to register for a double room in substance-free housing.  Please fill out the Looking for a Roommate form if you need assistance finding a roommate.

Theme Housing: For more information, please visit the Theme House web page.

Greek Housing:   Fraternity & sorority house resident lists due to Res Life Tuesday, April 1, 2014.  If you are interested in living in your fraternity or sorority house, please contact your sorority/fraternity president. 

Medical Accommodations Questionnaire (MAQ)

Students requesting special housing needs (example: air-conditioned room, meal plan exemption, living on central campus, etc.) due to a medical condition must have their Physician complete the Medical Accommodations Questionnaire (MAQ). This form is due in Residential Life by April 1. You can print and fax this form to your physician or save it to your desktop and email it. The MAQ form can be mailed to our office or faxed to 931.598.3243. 

If you have submitted an MAQ in past years, and would like to reapply for housing with an MAQ must submit a new one each year.  Please contact Kate Reed at or 931-598-1446 by April 1 to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.

Room Selection Day

All students going through room selection MUST have their Student ID card with them in order to be assigned a room.  Students without ID cards will be turned away.  If you have lost your ID card, please arrange with telecommunications (located in the lower level of EQB) to have a new one made before room selection. 

Other important notices: 

  • Only seniors are guaranteed singles.
  • Once you sign into a room, you may not change your selection.  A wait list for changing rooms will be created at the end of each room selection period.
  • Any student that chooses not to go through room draw will be randomly assigned a room and roommate the week after room draw.

What to do on Room Selection Day

  1. At the designated time for your class and gown status, please come to the appropriate location with your selected roommate(s) and line up according to lottery number in ascending order.
    • There will be one line for women and one for men.  It is your responsibility to progress through the draw by order of your lottery number. Please pay attention to which numbers are being called.
  2. When called by the Proctors (who will be wearing gowns), you will enter the BC Hearth Room to choose a room. If you step out of order and miss your place, the process cannot be reversed. Proctors will assist you and keep you informed as you go through the line.  
  3. Inside of the BC Hearth Room, the floor plans for each building will be on display, showing what rooms are available. The Proctors and professional Residential Life staff will be available to answer questions or to help you make a decision.
  4. After each night of room selection, copies of the floor plans will be posted in the hallway outside Residential Life, showing what rooms are still available for selection the next day.  The main floor plans for each building are available on the Residence Halls webpage

Lottery Numbers 2014-2015

All files are PDFs.