Welcome New Students

Welcome New Students!

We're not quite ready for the entering class of 2018, but this is what we asked of last year's class.  Take a look, but hold off on hitting the submit buttons until we officially communicate our WELCOME. 


Welcome!  The hard part is over—you've applied, been admitted, and chosen Sewanee as your home for the next four years, and we are excited! Now, it's time to make Sewanee your domain. Before you arrive on the Mountain in August, we need you to complete a checklist of things. Please pay specific attention to the dates by which you need to complete forms, exams and readings. We will use the information you provide to prepare for your arrival. Before getting started, check out the two videos below for some helpful instruction about what you need to get done before you get here.


To read over the summer:

By June 1:

  • Activate your Sewanee email account. (Look to the email you received after depositing for your login and password.)
  • Complete the First Year Information (Part 1: Learning, Part 2: Living).
  • Submit a picture for your student ID (picture required).
  • Review and complete the foreign language interest inventory. (All students regardless of previous language instruction and future language interest must complete a placement exam and, if they plan to study a new language, must contact a professor in that language to discuss the student's interest.)

By July 1:

You will receive your housing assignment via your Sewanee email account during the first week of August. For more information about specific dorms, please go visit our Residence Halls page.

By July 25:

  • Complete Student Health Form (PDF) and mail it to Health Services, SPO Box 1182, Sewanee, TN 37383. All students, including varsity athletes, must complete this form.

By August 1:

By 1st Day of Class:

  • Submit a waiver to demonstrate proof of current and adequate health insurance. If you choose to enroll in the student group coverage with UnitedHeath Care, click on the Enrollment Form link at the bottom of the waiver page. For more information on this, review the Student Health Insurance Policy. Please Note: The waiver and enrollment site will be available June 1.
  • Review the online alcohol education information you have received via your Sewanee email account and complete the program prior to your arrival on campus. (You will not be allowed to move into the Residence Hall if you have not completed the program.)
  • Share your mailing address with friends and family!
    • Your Name
    • 735 University Avenue
    • Sewanee, TN 37383