Welcome new students


The hard part is over—you've applied, been admitted, and chosen Sewanee as your home for the next four years, and we are excited! Now it's time to make Sewanee your domain. Before you arrive on the Mountain in August, we need you to complete a checklist of things. Please pay specific attention to the dates by which you need to complete forms, exams, and readings. We will use the information you provide to prepare for your arrival. There are some steps to take this month, so you won’t want to wait!

Again, welcome to Sewanee—welcome home!

Attention transfer students: All the information and steps below apply to you except for the information about FYP.

Over the course of the summer . . .

Your "Applicant Status Page" also has a checklist for the steps below; in many cases, you will access a form through that page to complete the task. Some tasks will be updated or added throughout the summer, so please check in regularly!

By May 31 . . .



  • Register for FYP (optional, and limited to 150 students--if interested, act fast!) OR register for PRE-Orientation (optional, with a deadline of June 30) through the Applicant Status PageNote: you can do FYP or PRE, but not both. Note that athletes in these sports will have practice in August and thus cannot participate in FYP or PRE: football, men's and women's soccer, volleyball, and field hockey.
  • Review the academic curriculum.
  • Review the general education program.
  • Take the foreign language placement test for the language(s) you studied in high school, even if you plan to start a new language. We have tests for French, German, Latin, Russian, and Spanish. We offer these languages as well as Chinese, Greek, Italian, and Japanese. (Arabic and Hebrew are also available as electives but do not meet a general education learning objective.) The deadline is May 31; departments will review and make placements in the first weeks of June, meaning that if you do not have a placement test, you may not be able to start language study in your first term, which is a significant disadvantage. Be sure to indicate "complete" and submit the short form about language study via the Applicant Status Page once you have taken your placement test(s)!
  • If you haven’t already done so, tell the AP testing people to send your scores to Sewanee!

By June 30 . . .



  • Learn about the course selection process.
  • Review the information about pre-professional programs (pre-med and other health fields, pre-engineering, pre-law, teacher education, and the business minor).
  • By the end of June, you'll have received notification of your foreign language placement, as well as information about self-placement in chemistry and mathematics. You do have flexibility here: you can choose whether to continue in a language you have studied or to start a new one, and you have choices when it comes to meeting learning objectives (that is, not everyone has to take Calculus or Chemistry--but if you choose to do so, you'll have guidance on which class to take); see the general education program. With your placement notifications in mind, begin reviewing the list of courses open and available to new students; the information is available here.

By July 15 . . .


By July 31 . . .


  • Submit essay responses to summer reading through the Applicant Status Page.
  • Complete Orientation Registration form (so we know who is coming with you!) through the Academic Status Page (form will open by July).
  • Athletes: complete the athletic department medical forms through the Applicant Status Page. BIG NOTE: Athletes must complete BOTH their athletic forms AND the health forms referenced above!
  • Pay your bill! (Tuition and Fees are payable in two installments: July 31 and December 31. You may opt to pay on a monthly basis at  Students who have not paid in full or signed up for the approved payment plan by the due date will not be allowed to matriculate in or return to the University.)
  • Complete the Policy Review form through the Applicant Status Page (when it goes live on June 23!).
  • Complete the Orientation Registration form through the Applicant Status Page (when it goes live on June 23!).
  • Explore the Career and Leadership Development website.  Sign on to our jobs and internship site: TigerNet.
    TigerNet allows you to store resumes and cover letters, sign up for events, and access a calendar of what's happening in the Career & Leadership Development office.  Use your Sewanee email address and Banner PIN to access TigerNet.

And then in August . . .

  • You will receive information about your courses as well as your housing assignment via your Sewanee email account during the first week of August. For more information about specific dorms, please go visit our Residence Halls page.
  • Register your car and bike.
  • Begin the on-line alcohol education program; information will be available by August 1. The program must be completed by the first day of Orientation!
  • Read about Sewanee's Honor Code and our Community of Honor.
  • Share your mailing address with friends and family!
    • Your Name
    • 735 University Avenue
    • Sewanee, TN 37383
  • Key August dates:
    • FYP runs August 13-22.
    • PRE runs August 20-22.
    • Orientation runs August 23-26.
      • Saturday, Aug. 23: Check in at the tent in the Quad starting at 9:00. Move-in starts continues until 2:00 PM, when formal Orientation begins.
      • Sunday, Aug. 24: Parents depart by 2:15 PM. (There will be programs for parents Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.)
    • First day of classes is August 27.