Dining Facilities

Food at Sewanee is simple. We all eat at McClurg Hall and students have what we call "Tiger Bucks" that can be used at the Pub or the Globe.

"Food underpins and unifies many areas of our lives. Our physical being derives solely from food and our bodily health is, in part, a reflection of how we eat. Our society’s relationship with other species, with ecological processes, with land and with water is mediated largely through agricultural practices. Modern food production methods are also energy-intensive, making food an important component of our use of fossil fuels. Food also ties us together in community, ritual and celebration, and our cultural diversity is displayed in the dishes we prepare. Food is therefore central to sustainability at many levels: sustainability of physical health, sustainability of human communities, and sustainability of human and natural economies. Food must therefore lie at the core of our attempts to create a responsible campus community." (taken from the 2011 Food Working Group Report. Sustainability Steering Committee) 

Downtown offerings are not part of the meal plan and neither is Stirling's Coffee House, but most of them are affordable and frequented by students and community.  For more information on Sewanee Dining Services or downtown eateries.