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The Women’s Center is the home to a student-led movement actively promoting equality and social justice through education, support, and mentorship in Sewanee and beyond. We seek to celebrate and challenge gender and sexuality in our community.

The Bairnwick Women’s Center is a student-led movement that seeks to educate and to empower the Sewanee community by promoting social justice, equality, and voice. We seek to celebrate and challenge notions of traditional understandings of gender and sexuality in our community, and we are dedicated to inspiring open and honest dialogue. We serve the campus as an alternative to traditionally “male” models of leadership, thought, and participation. We work through an inclusive and dynamic feminist framework that celebrates diversity and respects difference. We refuse to accept sexist, homophobic, racist, classist, and other discriminatory behavior and practices on our campus.

We approach and execute our mission through the following facets:

  1. Fostering community. We work to further a sense of community through open events such as community potlucks, Tuesday Toasts, Sewanee “date nights,” creative writing workshops, Pinnacle Luncheons featuring a variety of speakers, and book clubs.
  2. Encouraging conversation. We incite meaningful and productive conversations through advocacy campaigns, social media presence, and day-to-day interactions. We strive to provoke, facilitate, and contribute to difficult discussions on campus to create a comfortable, mindful, and safe environment for the entire community. 
  3. Providing a platform for student voices. Our programming focuses on giving all students an opportunity to make their voices heard. Students have a chance to share personal stories, experiences, and lessons in both public and anonymous forums. By providing a safe and open-minded environment, we strive to make each person feel empowered because “everyone deserves a parade.”
  4. Demanding change. No sexism. No racism. No homophobia. No classism. We believe in shared humanity and we demand mutual respect.
  5. Serving as a resource within and beyond our community. Within Sewanee, we offer peer support 24/7 and a safe space. We are not professionals, but we are passionate, well-informed students that are ready and willing to help in any capacity. Beyond Sewanee, we seek to partner with local nonprofit organizations that work directly with women to establish them as the vital resource they undoubtedly are.

Support on your terms: Women's Center residents are confidential sources!

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A door is always open


Sewanee Monologues


Writing Workshops

Date Night

The Collective


Full Embodiment: An Empowering Dialogue (FEED)

Guest Lecturers

Book Club
Engaging discussion outside of the classroom. Low-key, relaxed, open to all perspectives.

Tuesday Toasts
Every other Tuesday at 5PM, join us in our living room as we “toast” members of our community who are doing amazing things.

Sewanee Speaks: A Sharing of Secrets
New this year: a public art project showcasing community voice, creativity, and freedom of expression in the form of secrets (à la PostSecret).

Pinnacle Luncheons
Our well-loved lecture series provides students, faculty, staff, and community members with a pause in the middle of the day to listen to an empowered (panel of) speaker(s) followed by intentional reflection and discussion. Pinnacle luncheons take place over a catered lunch to fit busy schedules.

SWEEC (Sewanee Women Engaging and Empowering Community), a community service initiative, was created with the purpose of developing a more empowered and unified community by serving, woman to woman.

Other Events

Sexual Misconduct and Support

Questions about Sexual Misconduct?

The Wick is Here for You.

In the event that a student is seeking immediate peer counseling, the Wick now has its own "safe space," open to those in need. We believe that peer support is an essential component of campus life and have implemented an informal system to accommodate that role. We've set up an informal "on call" system in which the phone number and name of one house resident will be posted 24/7 on the inside wall of the "mudroom" in between the Mary Sue Cushman Room and our kitchen along with the Sexual Assault Crisis Response Team’s telephone number. Our role as peer support can only extend so far, but you can expect to talk with compassionate individuals who will empathize, communicate, and listen to those who seek out Wick residents. Residents will seek to meet you where you are and provide you with information to seek out any additional resources. You are not alone; we are here for you.

The Women's Center is not just for women. Our programs, events, and resources support and serve all. You're invited to be a friend and ally of the Women's Center.