Multicultural Director's Welcome

As a College, Sewanee places great emphasis on positive student faculty interaction as a part of the liberal arts experience.  Students work to master the humanities, math, science, and to develop further their leadership abilities.  With our seventeen dormitories, residential life is key to our academic experience.  Students study abroad and design meaningful paid internships to expand their outlook.

Multi-cultural students are prospering on our 13,000-acre domain, with at an enrollment of 1,500 students.  Our average class size is sixteen.  There are two hundred and fifty-eight multi-cultural students in the College.  This number includes fifty-two Hispanic Americans, sixty-two African Americans, twenty-six Asian Americans, one Native Americans, and sixty-three multi-cultural students in a student body of 1,500.  We have forty-four international students also in the student-body.

Our forested domain is an ideal environment for students to continue their academic development.  We hope their experience helps inspire them to provide the vision we will need to meet the challenges of our future.  With our engaged faculty, rigorous academics, and dynamic residential life program, we believe this is an ideal environment for learning.  As member of our learning community, I am proud of our students, including the growing number of students of color who are making their special contributions to the academic life of the College.

Although we are serious about education, our students have ample opportunities to develop their leadership skills through over 100 student organizations, design personalized paid internships or research projects, study abroad, work on service projects, and yes, find time to make friends and have fun.  It is our hope that our graduates will use this rich background and training to one day render meaningful service to their families, communities, and to humankind. 

Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Eric Benjamin
Office of Multi-Cultural Affairs
(931) 598-1241