Images of Perpetual Motion

Dance, when performed well, is beautiful. Synchronized human movement in colorful costumes under brilliant lights with syncopated notes pulsing is only part of what draws the crowd to Guerry Auditorium each year.

In Sewanee, Perpetual Motion is also an adventure. It has elements of surprise. Neophytes venture onto the stage for their debut; or closet dancers, better known as bookish introverts, dazzle the audience with talents unknown to their friends. Twenty-two dances and more than 70 dancers take turns playing interesting characters. Some pieces are raw expressions of emotion. Others are playful forms of art.

This year's offerings included a belly dance, salsa, country, modern, Irish, classical and modern ballet, hip hop, lyrical, an Alvin Ailey piece, and moments of disco and the Jackson 5. Even a new Sewanee-specific genre came to life—perhaps inspired by David Haskell's The Forest Unseen—eco-modern.

Special thanks to the choreographers, the technical crew from the Tennessee Williams Center, and the student officers of Perpetual Motion—especially costumer Cate Campbell and Rebekah Hildebrandt, senior and president for the second year.  

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