Sewanee Good Man Initiative awarded educational program grant

Residential Life was recently awarded an Educational Program Grant through the Southeastern Association of Housing Officers for a proposal submitted by Pete Burgess, resident chaplain, and Danielle Dreeszen, area coordinator for Residential Life. The grant is awarded each year through the regional association for programs that assist in furthering the best practices of residential life and college student development. The proposal focused on men’s programming through the newly created Sewanee Good Man Initiative.

An interest in working with men’s programming began during the Advent semester from one of the special programs created by the Resident Chaplain program. Burgess held a monthly discussion for undergraduate men based on the character and values of prominent male figures throughout history. It was observed through feedback at the men’s discussions that undergraduate men are looking for an increase of available resources, mentorship relationships, and an opportunity to engage with their peers in the question of what is a “good man.” 

Dreeszen joined Burgess in his efforts to work with men’s issues at the beginning of the Easter semester. Together, they created the Sewanee Good Man Initiative and a program proposal for the current and upcoming fall semester. A few of the learning outcomes the initiative hopes to achieve include constructing a positive model for manhood by reframing what it means to be a  “good man” on campus and in society, and creating an awareness among the campus community of the challenges men face. The grant will assist with the costs of kicking off the initiative and ensure that the program stays strong into the 2013-2014 school year.