Spring Update from the Women’s Center

Update from the Women's Center
By Devin Loftus, Executive Board Member

Last semester our September Launch party set the tone for a pro-active semester between the board and the greater Sewanee community. Thanks to the support of health services, faculty, and friends, our planned events transformed into constructive and fun forums for healthy discussion. With the same attitude and enthusiasm, the semester ahead strives to continually celebrate, as well as challenge, gender and sexuality at Sewanee. 

This semester, the Women’s Center is pleased to welcome board members and residents Hanna Miller, Sophia Burton, and Devin Loftus, all juniors returning from semesters abroad. With the resource room secured as a designated safe-space and for Women’s Center use only, last year’s board agreed to convert the second floor common room to accommodate more members. We are committed to making the multipurpose space of our house more comfortable and functional for special groups like Catechumenate, the Gay Straight Alliance, and the New York Outreach trip, and were honored to have our living room renovated to celebrate and thank Linda Lankewicz for her service to the University.

As evinced by programs like “Fancy, Fabulous, Feminists,” and the discussion and screening of Missrepresentation, the voice and presence of a supportive and informed student body is large at work. This semester, we will continue popular events and introduce several new projects. Due to the events former success, “My Friends are Feminists” will make a return, this time featuring men discussing similar gender theory and personal experiences as the women who previously spoke to a 250 person audience. As poet/activist Andrea Gibson and the photography exhibition from “Negotiating Sexuality through Art” demonstrated last fall, self-expression through creative mediums proves to be powerful sources for discussion and change. Sewanee Monologues, a new take on Vagina Monologues, will showcase such self-expression, seeking to give the student body a platform for their stories and experiences as individuals under a larger cultural and gendered context.

Regular programming including Pinnacle Luncheons, Book Club, Friends of the Women’s Center, and mentorship initiatives will continue to be consistent avenues for campus engagement. As an organization, we seek to touch on progressive issues, as well as remain transparent with the campus about what we do and offer. This semester we will increase public awareness of health information, healthy relationships, and other social awareness campaigns. “It’s Your Call,” a 24-hour crisis support initiative launched last semester, will be in full swing as we aim to spread the message of “peer support…on your terms.”  For more information on “It’s Your Call” and the center’s goals for the semester, as well as personal bios on our members, and up-to-date event details, please visit and like our “Sewanee Women’s Center” facebook page. For specific inquiries, please contact

It’s Your Call, 24-Hour Resource Line:    931.962.6050