Community Engagement House


The mission of the Community Engagement House is to promote a seamless community among college and seminary students, faculty, and staff as well as residents of surrounding areas by hosting events open to all, facilitating networking, and providing a physical meeting place for organizations devoted to serving the community at large.

Who are we?

The Community Engagement House is a themed house sponsored by Callie Sadler, Sewanee’s Assistant Outreach Coordinator, which seeks to bridge the gap between the college community and the surrounding areas through community conversation and involvement in outreach. Residents are chosen through an application process each spring, and they work together to plan and carry out events throughout the academic year.

What do we do?

➢  We promote the idea of a seamless campus, bridging the gap between college and community. We serve as a hub for community engagement and as an invitation for the entire community to join an on-going conversation about how we can positively connect and learn about one another through outreach.

➢  We host the monthly Coffee and Conversations lecture series featuring community members, alumni or faculty (from within the university or from Sewanee, Monteagle, Tracy City, Winchester, Cowan, etc.) who can provide unique and valuable perspectives on the Sewanee community.

➢  We host one other community-based event per month unique to the season and the need of the community, such as our annual winter Sewanee Soup Swap, Fall Festival, spring Block Party, welcome back to school event, midterm relaxation event, etc.

➢  Residents of the House remain open and available to answer questions and provide guidance to anyone interested in outreach, and the house serves as a meeting place for any and all outreach organizations that wish to utilize the common areas of the house.

➢  We pursue our own individual community-driven interests through participation in outside outreach organizations.