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Comprehensive sites

  •  This extensive Study Skills Help page was created by Dr. Carolyn Hopper, Learning Strategies Coordinator for the University Seminar at Middle Tennessee State University and author of Practicing College Learning Strategies, 5th ed., Wadsworth/CengageLearning, 2010.
  • University Survival: this HUGE web site boasts 198 "student success topics," fortunately well organized. Scan through them, and/or refer students to the site.
  • Dartmouth College has developed a series of podcasts that address the following: "strategic learning," time management, notetaking, reading skills, stress management--and general chemistry! The content is excellent, but the web link is faulty; you may have to copy-and-paste this into your browser:

Time Management

"Multiple Intelligences" and Learning Styles
What kind of learner are you? What are your strongest "intelligences"? The sites below can offer some insight into how you best process information.