Seek Balance Sewanee

Seek Balance Sewanee

Working – Playing – Socializing – Exploring – Learning:

It's all about balance: when we have balance in our lives, we tend to be happier and healthier.

College life has so much to offer that it can be easy to lose balance in one's life. Sewanee is committed to promoting balance -- the overall health and wellness of students. That means practicing healthy choices while attending to the different elements of personal wellness and seeking true balance in our lives. Sewanee has resources.

Emotional: A balanced life includes recognizing and accepting our feelings and emotions as a pathway to full understanding of ourselves. Resources: University Counseling Services

Intellectual: A balanced life is marked by inquiry and openness to new concepts and ideas. Resources: Academic Support

Spiritual: A balanced life includes reflection on the meaning and purpose of human existence and of our own place within the greater human community. Resources: Outreach and Community Engagement, Spiritual Life on the Domain

Occupational: A balanced life includes feeling productive and useful, doing something worthwhile, making a difference in lives of others (perhaps through volunteer activities), having a chosen career that is fulfilling and meaningful. Resources: Outreach and Community Engagement, Career & Leadership Development Office

Physical: A balanced life includes attention to our physical health good nutrition, regular exercise, and avoidance of harmful habits. Resources: University Health Services, the Fowler Center, "Think First"

Social: A balanced life is marked by healthy interpersonal relationships and understanding of community expectations, living effectively, comfortably, and without harming others. Resources: "Think First", University Counseling Services