Think First: Encouraging Healthier Choices


Recognizing the need for the University to be proactive and positive in efforts to promote healthier choices regarding alcohol and other drugs, members of the University community have shaped a comprehensive strategy called “Think First.”

Sewanee’s overall strategy is informed by our own on-going research and by nationally recognized best practices. Our approach emphasizes

  • Education,
  • Community Collaboration,
  • Enforcement,
  • Intervention, and
  • Changing Perspectives.

Think First has led to measurable improvements in the culture and overall health of the students at Sewanee.

In 2011 Sewanee was honored to have 'Think First" designated one of the top national programs and as a finalist for the "Prevention Excellence Award" by Outside the Classroom.

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We aspire to encourage our students to make healthier choices and reduce the harmful behaviors associated with alcohol and other drug use. We hope to promote healthier student-to-student and student-to-community relationships.

We will all benefit from being part of a community that chooses to “think first.”