When I need safe space

When difficult times emerge, students need a place to go and feel safe. We all do, and for each of us, those spaces might be different. Some students might call the police or a friend. Other seek the comfort of a dorm staff member, a faculty or community member or a dean. Our police and deans are available 24-hours a day, seven-days a week during the academic term. In addition to the formality of police and deans, the Women's Center also offers peer support.  The Women's Center Safe Space is an additional valuable resource. 

Sexual Crisis Response Team

Call the University's Sexual Assault Crisis Team at 931-636-4887, available 24 hours a day.  Leave a message.  They'll call you back promptly.

"It's your call"

Representatives of the Women's Center are available to help students in distress, especially those struggling with difficult peer issues like sexual misconduct.  

Student Life Staff and the Sewanee Police

Student life staff and the police are available for emergencies and support.  Either can be reaches by contacting the police at 931-598-1111.