When someone discriminates

Discrimination can happen overtly but more often discrimination happens covertly, sometimes without the aggressor even knowing their wrong-doing. The University has several resources available to students, faculty, and staff that aim to address and prevent discrimination from happening.

To report acts of discrimination, please contact any of the following appropriate individuals:

  • For staff issues, please contact Mary Wilson (x1860), Director of Human Resources.
  • For faculty, please contact Terry Papillon (x1246), Dean of the College or Mary Wilson (x1860), Director of Human Resources.
  • For students, please see any of the Deans of Students — Becky Spurlock (x1229), Alex Bruce (x1109) or Hagi Bradley (x1419)

While each of the above individuals have primary responsibilities in their respective areas, please report any acts of discrimination to any of the above individuals.  For policies related to discrimination and procedures for remedying formal allegations of discrimination, visit Discrimination Policy. The University's Title IX Coordinator is another resource, Nancy Berner, Associate Provost.  She can also respond to reports or answer questions.